Residential Helical Pile and Anchor Systems

Hygema’s team of foundation repair professionals use residential helical piles to lift and stabilize residential and commercial foundations. Hygema is an exclusive installer for Magnum Piering – an industry leading manufacturer of high capacity steel piering and underpinning systems.

Hygema’s systems for foundation repair or reinforcement are helical piles and helical anchors.

Depending on the foundation design of your structure and the underlying soil composition, Hygema works closely with registered professional engineers to determine which steel piering system is best suited for the project.

On the majority of foundation stabilization projects, windows and doors that used to stick will once again work normally. Cracks in wall will become repairable, and furniture will sit level again.

There are many applications for the Magnum Helical Piles including:

  • Deep Foundation Piles for New Construction
  • Concrete-Less Foundations for Light Construction
  • Concrete Slab Lifting & Stabilization
  • Temporary & Permanent Shoring
  • Underpinning Commercial & Residential Structures
  • Tiebacks & Wall Anchors
  • Earth Anchors for Slope Stabilization
  • Temporary & Reusable Tilt-Up Wall Anchors
  • Boardwalks & Pedestrian Bridges
  • Sea Walls & Bulkheads
  • Pipeline & Utility Tie Downs
  • Helical piles have significant load bearing capacity and are used in both compression (downward) and tension (uplift) applications. When a helical pier is installed into suitable soil, the load of the structure is transferred to the bearing plates welded to the shaft.

The primary benefits of Magnum Helical Piles are:

  • Fast Installation – 30 to 40 per day (depending upon depth) with a single installation device & one 3 man crew
  • Pre-Engineered System – capacity-to-torque ratio produces completely predictable installation results
  • Variety of Piles & Capacities – capacities ranging from 8 tons to 200 tons; wide selection of products to match capacity requirement
  • No Soil Spoils – eliminates removal costs; perfect for environmentally sensitive sites
  • Small Maneuverable Installation Equipment – minimal equipment costs; no vibration
  • Dual Cutting Edge Blades – patented design enables superior pier installation through cobbles, tightly compacted clay soils & dense fill materials
  • Single Bolt Connection for 3″ Product Line – for fast & efficient installation
    Magnum offers superior round shaft helical piles ranging in load capacities from 16 Tons to 200 Tons.

The helical pile product line includes:

  • 3″ O.D. – 4 products ranging from 16 Ton to 50 Ton ultimate capacity
  • 4.5″ O.D. – 4 products ranging from 70 Ton to 97 Ton ultimate capacity
  • 5.72″ O.D. – 6 products ranging from 92 Ton to 200 Ton ultimate capacity

Residential Helical Piles

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