Commercial Structural Repair

Often, once the integrity of the foundation has been compromised, other structural problems may arise requiring commercial structural repair. Unfortunately, insects such as Termites, Carpenter Ants, and Powder Post Beetles also have a major impact on structural damage in the southeastern United States. Likewise, dry rot, water damage, and condensation will weaken your structure as well. All can, will and do create the need for restoration.  Hygema Foundation Repair is unique in the industry as they are able to identify and resolve the compound issues created when these types of complications occur whereas the majority of other companies are limited to mending issues with the foundation alone.  Hygema’s services are driven from the needs of their customers and include:

  • Sagging floor and bowed wall repair
  • Sill repair and replacement
  • Floor joist repair and replacement
  • Subfloor repair and replacement
  • Post and beam repair and replacement
  • Stud repair and replacement
  • Crawl space remediation, ventilation, and vapor barrier installation
  • Soil removal
  • De-watering
  • Shoring,  bracing and jacking
  • Support for multi-level repair projects
  • Roof rafter repair and replacement
  • Damage repair resulting from storms, fire, impact and insects
  • Commercial Foundation repair

Hygema has the knowledge, experience and resources to correct issues from the foundation to the roof trusses and will arrange a free visual inspection of your home, business or structure at your convenience.

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