Commercial Services

Hygema Foundation Repair Commercial Services works with businesses to repair foundations and provides Steel Push Piering and Helical Pile Systems.  We also provide contractors with cost-effective solutions to fit a wide variety of piering applications. Magnum supports our installers with the best engineering and technical support in the industry.

High-capacity steel piering & anchoring systems for …

  • Underpinning Commercial & Residential Structures
  • Deep Foundation Piers for New Construction
  • Concrete-Less Foundations for Light Construction
  • Concrete Slab Lifting & Stabilization
  • Shoring
  • Tiebacks & Wall Anchors
  • Earth Anchors for Slope Stabilization
  • Temporary & Reusable Tilt-Up Wall Anchors
  • Boardwalks, Sea Walls & Bulkheads
  • Pipeline & Utility Tie Downs

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Commercial Structural Repair

Often, once the integrity of the foundation has been compromised, other structural problems arise. Unfortunately, insects such as Termites, Carpenter Ants, and Powder Post Beetles also have a major impact on structural damage in the southeastern United States.

Commercial Shoring

Our team will properly install lifting and stabilizing beams to shore your building to make it safe for construction procedures. Reinforcing your building with proper shoring during construction projects will insure the integrity of your foundation.

Commercial Steel Push Piering System

This Steel Push Piering System has long been the product of choice for foundation repair and underpinning contractors. With more than 30 tons of support capacity, this heavy duty system is used across the country to lift and stabilize commercial and residential structures.

Commercial Helical Piles

Hygema’s patented Helical Foundation System provides a cost effective and permanent solution for new construction foundations, retention wall tiebacks, soil stabilization and utility anchor applications.