Liberty Billings House moving day

as published in the Fernandina Observer-Liberty Billings House moving day – Fernandina Observer

Hygema House Movers  has begun the painstaking job of moving the historic Liberty Billings House from its original location on North 5th Street in Fernandina Beach to its new location a few feet south.   The house will occupy the corner of North 5th and Broome Streets.  The structure is owned by the Diocese of St. Augustine and will sit on the site formerly occupied by the St. Michael Roman Catholic Church Office.  The 1990’s add-on to the original house that was part of the B&B associated with the Billings House for many years will be demolished.

The decision to relocate the historic house and demolish its later addition was made following many months of discussion among church officials, City staff and the Historic District Council. By moving the historic structure, the church will be able to provide increased parking for its congregation and various church activities while preserving the historic building and large trees on the site.

According to workers on the scene, the house will sit on the moving platform until the new foundaton is completed, probably in a couple of weeks.