Foundation Repair

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A large percentage of all structures built on expansive soils will eventually suffer from foundation distress; common signs that indicate a structure is in need of foundation repair and/or house leveling services include:

  • Doors and/or windows are hard to open; they stick
  • Noticeable gaps in window and door frames
  • Spaces developing between door and/or window trim
  • Interior plaster walls are cracking
  • Walls visibly lean
  • Floors have settled and become uneven
  • Chimneys are tilting or leaning
  • Multiple nails are backing out; pops are appearing in ceilings and walls
  • Foundations are sinking
  • Cracks can be seen in foundations or basement walls

How Foundation Damage Occurs

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Structures rest on numerous and diverse layers of soil; each with an individual density and load-bearing feature. Some of these layers have been there for thousands of years and others were put in place as the home was built in order to create a level surface for the foundation of the structure to rest on.

Reinforcing your residential home with superior foundation repair products will insure the integrity of your foundation and protect your investment. Hygema Foundation Repair and House Leveling is able to use any of the following methods of foundation repair to protect your home

  • underpining
  • raising the entire structure
  • rebuilding the entire foundation
  • foundation replacement
  • pier replacement
  • sill replacement
  • joist replacement
  • jacking and leveling of the house
There are several easily identifiable signs of settlement problems.  First of all, sagging, drooping and/or sloping floors are excellent indicators that a problem exists. Next, doors that won’t close properly or all the way and/or windows that are misaligned are signs of a foundation in need of repair as well. Foundation distress is also indicated by cracks in either interior or exterior walls or by the separation of walls at the ceiling.  Most commonly in brick homes the visable cracks can be seen from the outside, indicating there is a problem with the foundation.

Hygema Foundation Repair and House Leveling has the understanding, skill and resources to correct these issues as well as all the issues that are associated with a compromised foundation. Contact Hygema Foundation Repair and arrange a free visual inspection of your home, business or structure at your convenience.